Turtles tackle green energy — Toronto Star article

December 6, 2014 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

By John Spears, Published on Fri Dec 05 2014

Turtles and wind turbines head for what’s likely to be a final legal showdown Monday in Ontario’s highest court.

At stake: The fate of a proposed wind farm on Ostrander’s Point at the southeasterly tip of Prince Edward County.

Balanced against it — the well-being of Blanding’s turtle, a rare reptile that prowls the point’s marshes and meadows.

It’s an odd-seeming case, pitting naturalists against green energy. It will test the laws and regulatory regime set up to approve — or challenge — green energy projects.

The Prince Edward Field Naturalists Club is leading the fight against the nine-turbine wind farm at the point.

The club’s long name belies its small scale.

“We started out with as six little old ladies,” laughs Cheryl Anderson. “Now we’ve got eight little old ladies.”

But, she adds quickly, they’ve managed to rally support from across the county — and the country — to chip in with donations toward the estimated $220,000 legal cost of the case.

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