SPECTACLE – a poem by JC Sulzenko

August 20, 2013 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

JC Sulzenko
Saturday morning,
a fox with dance and a feint
claims cliffs and shoreline
as his own, hoists his standard:
red on aqua silk, rampant.
We, the visitors,
his audience at ringside,
watch the tournament:
spike-crowned mergansers en garde;
the thrust and parry of waves.
Waters play restless,
even at this no-tide shore.
They lap, slap, clap till
after midnight calm returns,
summoned by the call of wolves.
Hands pull at harp strings
as wind calls to high grasses,
ripples, riffles them.
Wild sheaves sway to its rhythms,
their heads bowed to melody.
Dead birds cannot sing.
Their melodies lost to winds
that rouse high towers
to turn great blades of steel
that churn songs and soft feathers.
What will children hear
in forests bereft of trees,
fields without flowers?
No songbirds. No Chorus frogs.
Only a harsh hush, man-made.

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