Report on Appeal Hearing, Mar 25

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Submitted by Myrna Wood
PEC Field Naturalists

It took a third full day to complete the cross examination of Paul Catling, alvar expert.


Gilead’s lawyer questioned him about the 4 1-acre alvar areas he had identified in his presentation.  Using other articles Paul had written Mr. Hamilton compared these lists of plants as if they proved errors in his assessment of the site.  Paul repeated his reasoning that only 30% of the vegetation has been investigated.


Mr. Hamilton questioned Paul’s qualifications to make comments on the movement of water or the effects to be expected from construction.  He claimed that Paul was being a ‘partisan’ because he had visited Ostrander Point with friends.  Paul explained that he was writing a book on the flora of Prince Edward County.


At the end of the day Paul was as clear and direct in his assessment of the site as he was the first day.  Everyone there was appreciative of Paul Catling’s efforts to conserve this important site.


The Tribunal made comments about the future schedule that lead to the hope that cross examinations will be kept to reasonable timing that will allow witnesses to freely give their evidence.



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