PECFN Award Nomination and April 6 ERT Update

April 8, 2013 admin Latest Posts

PECFN Celebrates Award Nomination

Kingston Field Naturalists and Quinte Field Naturalists have nominated PECFN for the W.E. Saunders Natural History Award from Ontario Nature.  The nomination describes PECFN’s commitment to preserving the PEC South Shore IBA in the following terms:  “Appealing against the Ostrander Point approval is a David versus Goliath task! The difficulty is immense, but the significance is enormous. – If wind turbines cannot be stopped at Ostrander Point in the heart of an IBA, they are unlikely to be stopped on environmental grounds anywhere in Ontario.”

“The leadership qualities demonstrated by the PECFN are amazing.  In the face of a giant, this dedicated group analyzes the issues and formulates well organized plans to move forward, always communicating well, and recruiting many skilled people to support its cause.  PECFN’s campaign has educated many people about the value of caring for our natural environment.  They are truly environmental heroes!”

We are humbled by this over the top description of our efforts to Save Ostrander Point and thank KFN and QFN for their support of the cause.

Environmental Review Tribunal Update

In other news this week the Environmental Review Tribunal ground on with presentations by expert witnesses Fred Beaudry, Ted Cheskey and Bill Evans.  It is an on-going strategy of the MOE and Gilead lawyers to try to discredit the knowledge and experience of our witnesses; however, the tribunal has ruled in every case as to the truth of their “expert” label.

Dr. Beaudry is an expert in the ecology of the Blanding’s Turtle.  After reviewing the planning documents for the IWT project his conclusion is that the turbine roads will result in serious and irreversible harm to the turtle population.  Dr. Beaudry dealt easily with all the questions presented by the MOE and Gilead lawyers.  He also explained the inevitable results of the project to Ms. Gibbs and Mr. Wright – reduced area biodiversity and species genetic diversity leading to reduced species survival.

Ted Cheskey spoke about the Important Bird Area.  He described how IBA’s are identified and their importance to maintenance of avian populations.  Important to his testimony was the concept of IBA Conservation Plans as a “living document”.  The IBA Caretaker role that has been taken on by Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory allows for on-going monitoring and updating of the status of the avian populations in the IBA.  Studies of Species at Risk in the IBA are part of this on-going monitoring.  Ted compared these in depth, on-going studies to the brief overviews carried out by Stantec.  It is his opinion that the wind energy project will cause serious and irreversible harm to the birds migrating through and breeding at Ostrander Point.

On Friday Bill Evans from Old Bird Inc. in New York State began his testimony.  Bill is concerned that the mortality studies that have been reported for Wind Energy Installations in North America are faulty.  His statistics, using complicated calculations, indicate far higher mortality levels.  Cross examination of Bill’s testimony will continue on Monday.


As you know, PECFN has been working hard to raise money for support of the ERT appeal.  So far we are within “kissing range” of $40,000.  Our efforts continue this month with a Gala Dinner on April 20 at the Curling Club with Chef Michael Hoy.  Tickets are $65 and are available at 613-393-5577 or from our web site.


On April 27, at 2 pm in the Bloomfield Town Hall we are presenting clematis expert Peter Keeping.  This is a voluntary donation event and everyone is welcome to attend to find out how to grow and maintain these beautiful climbers.


The following ERT schedule has been set out for the rest of April; however, the schedule is always fluid:

Mon Apr 8: Bill Evans cross-examination, Don Davis, Monarchs

Tues Apr 9: Gilead – Stantec witnesses

Wed-Thurs no sessions

Fri Apr 12: Gilead- Mike Lord and Ms Voltura (Merlin Radar system)

Wed Apr 24: – Fri Apr 26 – MOE – MNR staff (and County Sustainability Group)

Mon Apr 29: – May 2 -Gilead witnesses.

As always, we are grateful for all your donations and good wishes.  It keeps the pressure on if as many people as possible attend at the tribunal so if you get tired of raking next week travel out to Sophiasburgh for some sit down time!



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