PECFN and APPEC meet with Todd Smith MPP

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May 27, 2013

Last Friday Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson met with our MPP Todd Smith.  Representatives from APPEC, Henri Garand and Duncan Fischer joined the meeting.  The meeting was instigated by suggestions from supporters that Todd Smith may be able to influence his legislative colleagues to cancel the Ostrander Point wind energy project and to affect a review of the standards for Renewable Energy Approvals.

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In addition, our message was that, in spite of vigorous, ongoing fundraising campaigns, both organizations need to raise double the current amount raised (approximately $60,000 each).  It was suggested that through bringing attention to the issue MMP Smith would assist in on-going province-wide funding initiatives.

Todd was clear that he has had several conversations with the Minister of Energy Jim Bradley on the Ostrander Point issue, to no avail.  However, he will have a conversation with the new Minister of Natural Resources, David Orazietti about Ostrander Point.   Both the APPEC and PECFN representatives stressed that the outcome of the Ostrander Point ERT hearing would be provincially precedent setting.


The meeting closed with awarding Myrna Wood with a Queen’s Jubilee medal.  This little ceremony was meant to take place in the Jubilee year (2012); however, it was delayed by scheduling difficulties.

Myrna & award

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