Paul Catling Day at the ERT

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Wed March 6 2013
Cheryl Anderson

Today Dr. Paul Catling is our hero.  His testimony at the Environmental Review Tribunal showed that proper botanical studies had not been carried out as part of the Environment Impact Study of the site. His conclusion was that only 30% of the species occurring on this globally imperilled alvar site has been identified.  Paul also identified several plant species at risk growing at Ostrander Point.

Through a PowerPoint presentation Dr. Catling reviewed his own investigation of Ostrander Point and contrasted it with other studies carries out since the late 1990’s.  His conclusion was that development of a wind turbine project on the Ostrander Point Crown Land Block would cause serious and irreversible damage to the important natural alvar environment.  The sensitive ecology would not withstand the construction of roads, turbine pads, crane pads and lay down areas.  All these activities would seriously impact the delicate and rare plant communities at Ostrander Point.  Combined with the damage caused by interference with hydrogeology, as much as 50 hectares of the site would be impacted.

Council for the Ministry of the Environment spent the afternoon trying to discredit Dr. Catling’s conclusions.  Ms. Davies tried to establish that Ostrander Point was already a seriously impacted ecosystem.  She spent a lot of time talking about the presence of European Buckthorn and other invasive species.  We heard a lot about studies that Dr. Catling had carried out on various alvar communities in Eastern Ontario.  Throughout it all, Dr. Catling remained cool and controlled, easily explaining his work and remaining committed to his original conclusion that Ostrander Point is no place for wind turbines.  Dr. Catling’s cross examination will continue on Monday March 18 with Ms. Davies and finally Mr. Hamilton from Gilead Power.

PECFN expresses sincere gratitude to Dr. Paul Catling for his commitment to


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