OPAF Update – November 26, 2013

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OPAF Update

By Cheryl Anderson
November 26, 2013
Myrna Wood has been reading and analysing Gilead’s submission, called a Factum, to the Divisional Court in Counter Appeal to PECFN’s ERT win. She sends the following gems from the document for your entertainment.
“The MNR, the body with jurisdiction in this area, decided that the best way to help Blanding’s turtles was to permit some of them to be killed at Ostrander Point… The Tribunal revoked the REA, thereby negating the overall benefit to the species.”
No comment needed!
“Ostrander Point Wind Energy LP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilead Power, a Canadian company committed to sustainable energy development.”
Comment: Gilead received $39.4 million from the owner of a tar sands oil company.
“Ostrander Point is a 324 ha parcel of Crown land, at which the Approval Holder is seeking to build and operate a nine turbine green [bolding mine] energy wind power project.”
Is it green to destroy the home of an endangered turtle?
Is it green to dig up the feeding grounds of thousands of migrating birds?
Is it green to pave a coastal wetland where amphibians breed?
Is it green to cut down the trees and shrubs needed by birds, bats and butterflies?
Is it green to destroy a rare alvar?
Is it green to place 41 storey turbines in the centre of an Important Bird Area? Gilead turbines = 443 feet the same height as the London Eye.
Is it green to place 41 storey turbines along a lake shore line where migrants land and stage?
Is it green to build roads across an isolated peninsula for giant trucks?
Is it green to transport the parts of nine 443ft turbines across the province?
Is it green to build transmission lines through an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area?
In other news, our Winter Arrangement Fund Raiser has been more successful than we expected. Sheena Kennedy and Sandee McMullen are freezing their fingers and toes making outside arrangement. Meanwhile, Sandra Dowds has built several lovely small table decorations. All this activity has generated almost $2000 for the Ostrander Point Appeal Fund. Thank you to all purchasers and “greens” contributors.

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