Migratory Birds, Bats and Butterflies

The South Shore of Prince Edward County is renowned as a stopover area for migrating birds, butterflies and bats.

  • More birds migrate through this area than anywhere else on the north shore of Lake Ontario. An estimated 12 million birds are seen along the flyway between Wolfe Island on the east and Presqu’ile to the west.
  • Approximately ¾ million birds pass through the 1 km shoreline of Prince Edward Point each year.
  • Prince Edward Point is as important to bats as it is to birds.
  • Millions of monarch butterflies rest and feed here.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ Significant Wildlife Habitat Technical Guide says that development must:

  • protect the area of the site, and
  • existing significant (migratory stopover) sites should be protected in their entirety and not reduced in area …Great Lakes shorelines (especially Lake Erie and Lake Ontario) are very important.

The environmental assessment says Ostrander Point “was a seasonal concentration area for migratory land birds. The results of spring and fall land bird migration monitoring confirm the appropriateness of this. The Subject Property is considered Significant Wildlife Habitat for this function.”

Why aren’t the Ministry of Natural Resources technical guidelines being applied at Ostrander

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