Letter to the Premier of Ontario – Charles Jones, Trenton Ontario

January 17, 2014 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

Premier Wynne,
I am 79 years old and have lived in our once beautiful province of Ontario my entire life.  I am now contemplating  moving out of Ontario.
I have witnessed our once “have province” of Ontario disintegrated into a “have not province”.
The eyesores of the wind turbines have turned the Ontario scenery into a place that I do not want to live in.
Ontario continues to ignore the findings of various studies and reports of the devastation that these wind turbines create to the environment and wild life, not to mention the inefficiency of the high cost of producing electrical energy.
Premier Wynne you have it in your power to stop the further rape of  the environment, landscape and animal habitat  by stopping further development of these wind generator in beautiful and environmentally sensitive areas like Amherst Island and Ostrander Point.  
Please put a stop to them now, if not for my sake at least for the sake of our young people and future generations, as well as the future of this province.
Charles Jones
Trenton Ontario

Petition to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

”We call on you to honour the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal and deny approval of the IWT project at Ostrander Point”

Link to Online Petition


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