Important OPAF Update August 1, 2015

August 1, 2015 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

PECFN deplores the actions of the Wynne government in its total disregard for PEC’s “Unwilling host” status. The approval of the WPD project in South Marysburgh emphasizes the fact that the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is no such thing. Our environment and our climate depend on biodiverse landscapes and species. By destroying an area containing a globally recognized Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Provincially Significant Wetlands, Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest which is the home of many species at risk the government has demonstrated that it has no regard for rural Ontario. We are shocked and determined to help fight these undemocratic and “anything but green” actions.

APPEC has appealed the ruling approving the WPD project on human health and environmental grounds. That organization will be supporting 2 separate appeals. PECFN will help with the environmental appeal by sharing data and experience.

Local concerned citizen John Hirsch has appealed the ruling on environmental grounds.

Meanwhile PECFN continues with efforts to Save Ostrander Point. The ERT hearing will resume in Demorestville on September 2,3,4. This hearing is a result of the Appeal Court of Ontario directing the ERT to deal with the issue of remedy to Gilead’s planned destruction of the habitat resulting from the access roads and industrial wind turbines.

As noted previously, PECFN is still in arrears to our legal team. Please join us on Saturday, September 5 at Mill Falls House B&B for RIVERWALK. Please go the link below to reserve your tickets for this event.

This is a free event with the opportunity to donate. Sacha Warunkiw has kindly donated access to his wonderful meadow and river property. We will serve County wine and canapés and music will be provided by Mary Kay Morris and Colleen Galway (keyboard and flute).

For information:    Cheryl Anderson  613-471-1096

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