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November 17, 2013 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

This article was published in the Durham Field Naturalist and Pickering Naturalist latest newsletters.
John F. Foster is an active member of the Durham Field Naturalists.

Ostrander Point Wind Project Approval Blocked By Tribunal

 By John F. Foster

In early July of the summer just past, the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists [PECFN] won their appeal of the Ostrander Point wind project. The Environmental Review Tribunal revoked the previous approval of the project. The decision of the Tribunal is significant in that it is likely the first time in Canada that an approved permit for a development was revoked for environmental reasons. The decision of the Tribunal was based on the realization that Ostrander Point was the wrong place for any kind of development, that construction of the roads and the Industrial Wind Turbines would harm the habitat of many species, and that harm, in particular, to the endangered Blanding’s Turtle would be irreversible. Thus, Ostrander Point, which is part of the internationally recognized South Shore Important Bird Area, is protected and a precedent has been made for the importance of environmental protection at other sensitive sites. However, the Ministry of the Environment [MOE] and Gilead Power, are cross appealing the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal.  

The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists have had to raise significant monies to pay down the legal costs of the Appeal. For that, the Ostrander Point Appeal Fund was set up to help pay for these costs. The cost estimate for the appeal is approximately $175,000. Of that, $115,600 has been raised as of October 28, 2013. Monies raised from donations include cash, bake sales, talks, presentations, and $20,000 from the Prince Edward County municipal government. Additional, monies are required to fight the cross appeal by MOE and Gilead Power. These proponents are requesting that the cross appeal be heard in Divisional Court in Toronto and that costs be assessed against PECFN.

If you would like to donate monies on behalf of this worthy endeavour, you may do so at: 






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