Council Promises $20,000 Subject To Legal Opinion

August 19, 2013 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

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Council Committee of the Whole okays donation to Field Naturalists

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Contact: Cheryl Anderson

On Thursday August 15, Prince Edward County Field Naturalists president, Myrna Wood, made a presentation to Council Committee of the Whole.  The presentation was to provide an update for Council on the Field Naturalists fight to save Ostrander Point from development.  “Our message to Council has always been that, not only is Ostrander Point important for its habitat and animals that use it, but also that there are potentially significant economic impacts to maintaining and preserving that habitat” Wood commented.

Council was given an overview of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision of July 3 which supported PECFN’s appeal.   Wood went on to say”We believe this is the first time in Canada that an approved permit has been revoked on environmental grounds. The outcome of the hearing protects one of Ontario’s truly special places and opens the door for the importance of environmental protection to be recognized at sites across the country”.

Wood also reported that both the Ministry of the Environment and Gilead Power have counter-appealed the Tribunal’s decision.  The counter-appeals will be heard by the Divisional Court, probably in Toronto.  Gilead Power is asking that costs be assessed against Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. 

Council received the report and Councillor Bev Campbell presented a motion to have the County of Prince Edward donate $20,000 to the Ostrander Point Appeal Fund.  The motion passed, subject to receiving a positive legal opinion at Council on August 27, with only three dissenting votes.

The Field Naturalists were represented in the gallery by several members who left with big smiles on their faces.  While realizing that there is one more hurdle to jump before the funds truly are available for the Save Ostrander Point Campaign the significance of Council’s decision was not lost on anyone.

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