Council approves $20,000 grant to PECFN

August 28, 2013 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

Council approves $20,000 grant to PECFN

Counter appeal, cross appeal

Contact: Cheryl Anderson

After much discussion Prince Edward County Council finally approved a grant of $20,000 to the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists to help fund the costs associated in our struggle to save Ostrander Point from development.  Councillors MacDonald, Nowitski, Turpin, Forrester and Gale opposed the motion.

PECFN is gratified, of course, by Council’s actions. We knew that they agreed with our cause in principle; however, now Council has decided to put some money behind that support.  Their decision recognizes our assertion that the environmental destruction caused by allowing development at Ostrander Point ultimately would adversely affect the economy of the County, as well.

The $20,000 grant will raise our total funds collected up over $100,000.  As we have reported previously, our legal costs for the Environmental Review Tribunal appeal are estimated at $125,000.  Other costs have been incurred, such as accommodations and food for our legal team while they were in Prince Edward County.  Advertising costs have, for the most part, been born by members of the committee; however, every fund raising event costs something.  Nevertheless we are within reach of paying off the legal bills from the first part of this appeal process. (if you can call still owing approximately $30,000 within reach!).

PECFN has cross appealed the Decision by the Tribunal to add the finding of serious and irreversible harm to not only Blanding’s Turtle but also birds and alvar.  We argue that the Decision erred in not recognizing the harm to birds, especially species at risk, and the site’s alvar habitat that all the species depend upon.  The opponents’ counter appeal claims that the Provincial Endangered Species Permit issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources to harm and kill Blanding’s turtle takes precedence over the Tribunal.

As we go into the fall, our lawyers are preparing to defend the Tribunal decision and our cross appeal in Divisional Court for which we will need to continue to fundraise.  Coming up on October 5 is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the County and Quinte’s unique musical and comedy talent in the wonderful venue at Active Arts on Barley Rd.  This variety show will be accompanied by a variety of wonderful items offered at silent auction, a wine tasting courtesy of Karlo Estates and some scrumptious treats.  We are calling our event Rednersville Radio – watch for the posters and ads and plan to attend.

Thank you for your continued interest in the struggle to Save Ostrander Point.

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