Call to action Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday March 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm

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Tomorrow is a very important day in the County.  County Council will be asked to vote against a motion brought by staff which asks for approval of a Road Use Agreement (RUA) and a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) with wpd – the German company behind the White Pines Industrial Wind Turbine project on the South Shore of PEC.

The Committee of the Whole meeting will be held in the Council Chamber at Shire Hall starting at 1 pm.

Mayor Quaiff has released his letter to Councillors asking them to vote against the motion.  Orville Walsh (APPEC) and Myrna Wood (PECFN) have written to the Mayor and Councillors (see below) requesting the same thing.  Several Councillors have voiced their agreement. There is no doubt that the motion to approve these agreements is premature given that neither the Ostrander Point nor the White Pines ERT is finished.  Please come to the Council Chamber at 1 pm tomorrow.  We need to fill the Chamber with County citizens who support the Mayor, APPEC and PECFN.   Please come wearing your turtle shirt!

Anyone who would like to car pool from 28 Low St. is invited to be here at 12:15.



Dear Mayor Quaiff and Councillors:

Re: Committee of the Whole meeting on Thursday March 24, 2016, Agenda item 6.7 Road Users Agreement and Community Benefit Agreement.

Approving a “Road Users Agreement” at this time is premature and could result in unnecessary and irreversible damage to the natural environment of South Marysburgh and Athol.

We have now fought a costly and lengthy legal battle through the Environmental Review Tribunal for two adjacent wind energy projects along the south shore. The Tribunal for the White Pines project found that the site was poorly selected.  This Tribunal also found that the construction of the access roads, crane pads turbine bases and the upgrading of municipal roads would cause serious and irreversible harm to the Blanding’s turtle.  A similar decision by the Tribunal in the Ostrander Point Wind Energy case found that the entire habitat of the same population of turtles would be irreversibly harmed.

It is the opinion of our two groups that Council should not abandon its control of County roads and its responsibility for natural heritage. In requesting an agreement to cover 25 years plus two 10 year extensions equalling 45 years of occupation on the South Shore, wpd’s promises of future restoration of this wildlife habitat are meaningless. At the same time wpd has announced its intention to immediately remove trees, shrubs and other vegetation in the way of its construction plans.

When County Council rejects these Agreements and announces that it will await both Tribunal final decisions affecting County lands before taking further action it will be showing the leadership that its constituents expect.

Our organizations stand ready to provide any information on the Tribunal rulings that you may require in your deliberations.

Yours truly,

Myrna Wood, PECFN
Orville Walsh, APPEC

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