April 9 ERT report: Our Witnesses are Finished

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The testimony of all the witnesses for PECFN was wrapped up yesterday.  Bill Evans journeyed back from Ithaca, N.Y.  for cross examination on the testimony he gave on April 5.  In presentation of his summary opinion Mr. Evans pointed out that birds that have flight behaviors that take them into the rotor sweep zone such as aerial insectivores would suffer high mortality rates from the Ostrander Point IWTs.  He maintains that the published fatality figures for Wolfe Island are deceiving and that he believes that population declines will be exacerbated by the Ostrander Point Project.  The MOE lawyers had no questions for Mr Evans.  Mr. Hamilton, the Gilead lawyer, questioned Mr. Evans on what other reports he had read to come to his conclusions regarding the cumulative effect of turbines in eastern Lake Ontario.  He also spent time asking what Mr Evans meant by his use of the word “didactic”.

Don Davis was qualified as an expert witness on migration, breeding and habitat requirements of Monarch Butterflies.  Mr. Davis presented evidence about his long history studying Monarchs in a volunteer capacity  He outlined his activities tagging Monarch Butterflies, attending conferences and editing publications.  It is his belief that the Gilead Project at Ostrander point would cause serious and irreversible harm to the Monarch because of habitat loss.  Common Milkweed grows abundantly at Ostrander Point and is the only food for breeding Monarchs.  In addition, there is a good supply of nectar plants which the Monarchs rely on for migrating fuel.  Mr. Davis presentation pointed out discrepancies in the Ostrander Point Environmental Impact study relative to Butterflies and Dragonflies.  The cross-examination by MOE and Gilead lawyers again included questions about the material Mr. Davis had reviewed for his presentation.  Mr. Davis explained how quotes attributed to Dr. Chip Taylor, Monarch migration expert, were incorrect.  Mr. Davis was questioned about the status of milkweed in Ontario, a plant vital to Monarch reproduction. Wild areas such as the PE County South Shore provide food for the migrating adults as well as the caterpillars.  The population status of Monarchs has declined and been classified as a species of concern under both provincial and federal systems.

The Tribunal continues this week with witnesses for the proponent and director on Tuesday April 9 and Friday April 12.

PECFN extends a special “Thank you” to all our witnesses and to all our donors.


Ostrander Point Appeal fund has reached $40,000.  Fund raising will continue with 2 special events this month a Gala Dinner on April 20 at the Curling Club with Chef Michael Hoy.  Tickets are $65 which includes wine with dinner & all taxes and are available at 613-393-5577 or from our web site.


On April 27, at 2 pm in the Bloomfield Town Hall we are presenting clematis specialist Peter Keeping.  This is a voluntary donation event and everyone is welcome to attend to find out how to grow and maintain these beautiful climbers.


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