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The Prince Edward Field Naturalists are involved in a struggle to save an globally important habitat at Ostrander Point. We are honored to have the opportunity to speak with two leaders in that effort Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson.

myrnaMyrna is a founding member of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and is currently serving as President. Her commitment to environmental sustainability has been demonstrated through several campaigns most notably the successful struggle to stop the use of Dombind as a dust inhibitor on County roads. Myrna was a founding member of Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area. She remains committed to saving the critical migratory habitat of Prince Edward County at Ostrander Point.

cheryCheryl has lived in Prince Edward County for 10 years. She has served as President of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and currently is the President of the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory. Previously she was actively involved with environmental issues in Guelph Ontario; specifically, in the volunteer- led preparation of a Green Plan for the City of Guelph. Cheryl is committed to saving Ostrander Point because of its important natural habitat and place in the migratory path of millions of birds.



The horror that is Ocotillo Express — a massive taking of public BLM lands in California by wind development — heated up this week with the arrest of the construction manager for the project for allegedly violent threats and actions.  We will learn much more when we talk to two of the people on the front lines — Jim Pelley and Parke Ewing.

pelley2Jim Pelley is a long-time desert denizen having built his first dune buggy at the age of 16.  A full-time resident of Ocotillo, Jim and his family’s lives have been turned upside down by this massive wind development that encircles his home on three sides.

By profession, Jim is an aerospace engineer.  Prior to the project buildout, Jim wrote:

After living in Ocotillo for 7 years we received this letter in the mail indicating that there was a large scale wind project slated for this area and it could affect our property value. At first I did not think much of it until I looked into it and realized the magnitude of this project, how close it was going to be to our house and the fact that it was going to surround our entire house. We were devastated and could not believe it. The lady I bought my place from told me that I would never have to worry about anything being built around my house because it was all BLM land and they could not build on BLM land. I have attended every meeting and every event related to the project and it has completely changed my life for the worse. It has affected my personal life in many ways. I have stopped working on my house even though it is almost done, I don’t have time any more, my spare time is completely consumed with fighting this project. My family life has been affected in a very negative way and it is really taking a toll on my life, my wife’s life and my entire family. I don’t have time to go to family events because I’m stuck in my office fighting this project. My Family members are very worried about me because they see how it is affecting me they tell me that I have changed and that they are very concerned for my well being.

If this project goes in it will totally change my life even more, I don’t think I will be able to live next to (112) Industrial Scale Wind Turbines as close as ½ mile from my house, this is beyond belief. It seems that every reason I moved out to Ocotillo will now be taken away from me. Sitting on my front porch looking at the stars with absolutely no sound at all will now be filled with red flashing lights and the thumping sound of wind turbines churning across the desert floor.


parkeParke Ewing has a total of 23 years in Ocotillo — living there full-time for the past 12 years. His hobbies are include exploring the Southern California Deserts and taking photographs of its beauty. He now finds the beauty he so loved has been disrupted by the wind turbines, so his photography and videotaping now include the travesty of the destruction of something once so amazingly full of history and culture.

Most recently, Parke was “allegedly” threatened and assaulted by the construction manager for the Ocotillo Project with the incident caught on video and the construction manager arrested.

Parke began opposing the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility project at the time knowledge of the project became public.  He writes:

It is now apparent that this project was approved in backroom discussions long before the public became aware of the project. When the project came to light, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed that it would become a reality. But, today 94 turbines that equal the height of a 40 story building, are complete and 18 more are under construction for a total of 112. I, Jim Pelley, and others have been documenting the construction activity since the project began in mid May of 2012. 

I am the author and administrator of the Facebook page, Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction, that documents and records the construction activities of this project, including the widespread destruction of the desert I live in and that surrounds me. I moved here because I loved the view and serenity of this desert and bought land and built a home because this desert was protected by BLM, in a “Limited Use Area”, which to me, meant the vast cultural and historical resources would be protected forever – not turned into an industrial debacle.

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