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October 22, 2013 Borys Holowacz Latest Posts

This is a report of a very successful fund raising event that wasn’t even advertised!  Rosemary Smith was celebrating her birthday.  Like most of us Rosemary likes to celebrate, but did not want her friends to feel obligated to buy her a gift.  So what did she do?  Rosemary designed a wonderful tea party.  She picked a great venue – Jackson’s Fall Country Inn – and asked her friends to donate to the Ostrander Point Appeal Fund in honour of her special birthday.

Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Happy Birthday Rosemary!

This is a great idea and so simple.  Well, the party was not simple, beautifully presented tea sandwiches, scones and tea biscuits followed by delicious birthday cup cakes were enjoyed by all.  There was lots of tea served in beautiful little vintage pots and imbibed from lovely china tea cups – and a glass of bubbly for each guest.  The guests entertained themselves by reading out loud the “pearls of wisdom” they each had created on arriving.  The idea though, is to invite your guests to make a contribution to the Ostrander Point appeal Fund in lieu of giving a gift.  Or maybe just invite some people to coffee, lunch or even dinner; explaining about Ostrander Point – how important the habitat is and how important it is to save it from development and ask for a donation.  This is a way small amounts from several people can really add up to a nice donation to the Fund.

If you would like to consider a personal fund raising event and would like someone to come and speak briefly about Ostrander Point just let me know (you do not have to feed me!).


Oh yes, how much did Rosemary’s party add to Ostrander Point Appeal Fund? – over $1000!

Submitted by Cheryl Anderson

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